Musings Of An Ordinary Housewife

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Musings Of An Ordinary Housewife

Life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

Signifying nothing.

Most part of our life is filled with sound and fury, without much meaning. I  used to wonder how Shakespear learned this great truth in his days, without modern media  to hype or tantalize news or advertisement to snare customers. Did he learn this by observing people and seeing their pomp and pageantry?  In my whole life, people who are insignificant made a lot of ado about nothing. They made the most of the noise but did the least work to solve the problem. Petty issues were made to become problems with the mountainous outcome due to the overworked imagination.  Silly mistakes committed are made to look like grave sins of the mankind. Whenever we tend to create a problem rather than solve it, then we become insignificant in our thoughts and deeds. This is how we create, our tales of woe which become insignificant with full of sound and fury.  When this happens, we transform as idiots who fill our existence, with sound and fury on things trivial and petty, without achieving nothing.

Right now media makes sound and fury over insignificant facts and figures for circulation and readership, meanwhile,  when a real problem comes, nobody takes any heed of it. Child abuse and trafficking have become a major problem, affecting the whole world especially plundering children of their innocence. Still, that piece of news is not getting any attention, because we are a bunch of fools who make a lot of ruckus over insignificant things and ignore the significant parts. Our attitude of much ado over nothing makes us deaf and blind to real problems. Crucial problems that need immediate attention, get overblown with media hype and become trivia that get no attention. A tragedy because of its nature may get a lot of attention, like earthquakes and devastating floods. Misery and pathetic situation get magnified for instant attention for increasing the news value. Solution to redeem future disasters and solution to overcome the problems are sidelined because the pathetic situation of utter misery has a  bigger percentage of viewers, but the solution for solving it get drowned in the too much distorted hype.The  insignificant details that make a good story but poor problem-solving solution for the crisis

We crave sensation to excite our mundane life,but that is getting us into a lot of fake news. News are magnified to entertain our bordem and not to solve our problems. This attitude in the future will make us insensitive to grief and pain.We click photos to post rather than help the victim. Let us have a changed mindset, so that we will help first the victim, and  then post pictures of accidents and personal tragedies. This will bring back the old emphathetic quality in us which will make the world a better place to inhabit. Posting for vain glory will lead to more tragic situations which may become out of control to solve.

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Blue is the colour of the sea I like to be near. The waves look blue and mighty, they calm my troubled spirit of blue,

I like blueberries because they make my tongue blue, but I hate blue moods that makes me forlorn and forsaken.

The blue moon fills me with wonder, but my blue moods fill me with fear,

They make me feel depressed, suppressed and oppressed. I feel like fighting against every enemy that makes me feel desolate and destructive

They make me want to fight against all opposing ideas and people that make me feel depressed.

When I am in a blue mood, I forget what is happiness and feel lonely.

I think that there is nobody to help or understand me to overcome my suffocating experiences and nightmares of insecurity and economic crisis.

When finances are low and ways to earn them get blocked I feel blue.

When I see I have been rejected, I become dejected filled with depressive blues.

Blues that fill me with bitterness and resentment against people, incidents and relationship that belittled my dignity

I am a blue demon filled with envy and ennui


I am lonely and without a friend, filled with blues, the discouraging colour that makes me desperate. Blames, taunts and question from the deceivers  fill my existence

I am hopeless and desolate and desperate, but that is when

I heard a gentle blow of a Wind.

The gentle wind soothed me, why are you getting desperate, I am always near you. I do not blame you or question you,

I call all your troubles as ways to seek me so that I will help you to carry your Yoke’

The yoke of suppression, oppression and depression that shatters you

Why are you listening to the depressive, oppressive statement of the negative powers, when I  the positive, speak to you soothing words of love and care?

I have carried you through this tough time, why are you worried?

I will neither forsake you nor leave you halfway.

I am the Almighty, who helps when no help is coming forth and all doors are closed

I am your open window to bring happiness and quiet rest to you. Rest in me.

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May 23, 2018 · 2:03 pm

Who Is Successful

What is the definition of success?Success is when you get what you want when others who failed to get what they want looks at you with envy and heartache. This is success defined according to my view.People say success is the by product of hardwork and planning.  Some people soothe others by saying, that failure is the stepping stone to success.Many a time I wanted to question it? I have many failures, which led to further failures, but with this failure, I learned about the protection of the Almighty to surmount failures and keep going. The good thing that came out of these failures, is the confidence I got from  the Almighty. Now I am confident that with the help of the omnipotent,  I can withstand any failure.  I have become humble to understand that I  can get through the disasters, utter failures and even defeat with consequent depression, through  the guidance and protection of the Almighty.  Through His sheer grace, I exist through myriads of failures of mine.Some of them are of my own fault, others because I have foolishly believed and fallen into the trap of deceit.

According to others who say success is attained through hard work and planning i have one point to raise.I have seen thousand of farmers,break their back and plant their field,with lots of planning to withstand drought and flood,but this out of control factors destroy their hard work in minutes causing havoc to these farmers and their families.These farmers can never be called lazy,but the unsystematic elements of nature erode their hardwork and success . So can hardwork and planning always bring success?

So if some one impart success as the stepping stone to pride, I  agree on that statement with full support.I have found many people failing because they have too much pride in them due to success.I have seen men and women turn arrogant and insensitive because they have been successful, and  become confident so as not to fear anymore defeats in their future existence.  The sad fact is that, when we think we have got success as  our constant friend and well-wisher,he will ditch you for another person without feeling any remorse.I have seen rich people stumble, who had enormous success for decades,  because they thought success had made them into an insurmountable fortress.

So due to all these reasons, I disagree that failure is neither stepping stone nor success the ultimate outcome of hardwork and planning. We have to be passive to success, but grateful to Almighty, because he controls our destiny. Our success and failure depend upon his benevolence.

People may disagree with my view,but if you  are under the providence of the Almighty you will do the right thing at the right time,nomatter what your circumstance may be and have success as a permanent ally. Who is successful?.



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The Lion Tamer

Rihan was a lion tamer, he lived near a forest, where he often found runway cubs from the pack, who were two months old or less. Either their mother had died, or they wandered from their mother’s side, anyway when he got a cub first, he used to take it home to give shelter for the night and feed them. Then he used to set them free in the forest, for their mothers or pack to find them. He would be watching them from a distance, to see that no harm comes, till they find their mother or place of safety.

One particular cub was left alone, even after it was left at the place, where it was found. After a few days, he found a small cove shielded by thick undergrowth, where he used to hide the cub when he had to leave it alone, when he went to attend his daily job. Since its mother was not found anywhere, he kept feeding and caring for it, for almost, six months, whereby he grew into a big one who could fend for himself. Rihan became his foster parent. He started hunting deers for the cub when he was small and later trained the cub to catch its prey as he grew older. When the lion was old enough to hunt and fend for itself, he left it on its own. When he got the job of a zookeeper in the nearby town which had a wild reserve with boundaries as forest, he moved to his staff quarters and thus his hobby of savings errant cubs got over. As years passed, he forgot all about the lion, whom he fed and looked after.  His job was made permanent as a warden and got quarters inside the reserve where the zoo was located. He got married to his childhood sweetheart and in a few years, he had a son who was now four years. Since his quarters were near the reserve they were very careful that the child didn’t wander around on its own. One day he saw a rift in the border walls of the reserve that separated the quarters and the reserve.

He was going to get the necessary material and people to repair the rift in the wall when he heard his wife screaming in terror. Sensing  danger,he ran to his house,where his terrified wife, standing still in a frozen mode. He looked to the place, where her hands were pointing, he saw with fright a huge lion with flowing manes and Rihan’s son Paulo playing with him. The lion patiently allowed the child to tumble all over him and Paulo was playing with him in gay abandon. The lion was really allowing the kid to romp around him as if he was his pet dog.

When the Lion saw Rihan, it slowly got up and looked at him and walked back into the reserve. After reaching the reserve wall he went outside through the rift,giving Rihan, another look,  while slowly moving inside the forest.

Rihan didn’t understand anything from this strange behaviour but reinforced the border with double security. Months passed by, one day he saw a young cub wandering inside the reserve, his old instinct for feeding cubs got the better of him and he bought the cub home secretly and started feeding him, but left the cub back in his place where he found him.In the evening when he checked on the cub,he didnot find him,but the next morning on his usual beat he found the cub again at the same spot. He was surprised but took him to feed him, Paulo also came and fed him daily, but what surprised Rihan was, that he never found the cub in the evening, but found it in the same spot every morning.

Rihan was really puzzled at this incidence, so one day after feeding the cub and leaving it at the same spot, he decided to watch the cub, for some time from a nearby tree. He got on a nearby tree, from where he could see the spot where the cub was left. After a few minutes, he saw a lion with flowing mane coming near the cub to carry it .The lion while carrying it looked at the tree where he was hiding and then placed the cub to the lioness who was resting nearby.The lion stood at a distance and watched the tree where he had climbed,Rihan’s curiosity got the better of his fear and as he climbed down,he got a better look at the Lion,it was same lion who had played with his son.As he got down,the lion slowly walked into the forest. Suddenly he recalled the cub he had fed and cared a few years ago,it was the same one.Rihan never saw the cub again the next morning or other mornings that followed.It slowly dawned on him that cub he saved long ago was remembering and showing his gratitude to him. Love is a strong weapon,it can tame even the cruellest ones without violence and weapon.






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Ramblings Brought On By A Wee Pooping Mammal Named Sylvester

via Ramblings Brought On By A Wee Pooping Mammal Named Sylvester

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Sermon: How Abraham Believed Romans 4:18-25

How Abraham Believed

Romans 4:18-25

Truth Taught- Saving faith does not depend on circumstances but on God alone


Last week in DH we looked at examples of Abraham’s faith given to us in Hebrews Chapter 11. We saw there was one underlying common denominator and that is that he believed God’s promises even when he didn’t have all the information…Leave your homeland and go to a land I will tell you. We saw that he trusted and believed God’s promises even when the promises went against everything humanly possible…you and Sarah will have a child even though you’re 100 and she is 90…and take your son, your only son whom you love and sacrifice him on the mount I will show you. Remember, it was through Isaac the promise was to continue through to future generations.

We are told that he believed God and it was counted by God…

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